Ice Cream or Gelato

We had our first ice cream cone of the year today.🍦

I recommend when you are getting ice cream or gelato to order it in a cone if you can so you can eat your “container,” and compost the hand wrapper and/or napkins. Most ice cream cups are plastic-lined paper and go in the trash. Gelato can come in a plastic or Styrofoam cup in my experience. You can recycle the plastic cup; the spoon usually will fall through a single-stream sorting machine so check with your provider to see if plastic utensils are accepted in your recycling collection. Styrofoam cups will need taken to a recycling center that accepts foam or it will need to go in the trash if a Styrofoam recycling center is not available in your area.

Also pictured here is a plastic pint of ice cream instead of the plastic-lined- paper standard ice cream pints. Plastic pint containers can be recycled. Papery ice cream containers go in the trash. The same applies for gelato, though I usually see gelato in plastic pints.

Both the ice cream cone and pint are from Lick Honest Ice Creams who use compostable bowls and spoons, make cones in house, sell recyclable plastic pints, and use local ingredients. We also walk to their location to keep it local and green. #knowwhatyouarelicking #icecream #icecreamcone #yum #alittlemoregreen #buylocal #shoplocal

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