Help Those Helping You

This title could apply to so many things which is why I want to share it with you.

It is my hope that the nature of this concept inspires you to think of ways you can help people, groups, organizations and more that help you out.

My son’s school was ready to clear out their lost and found bin after posting for pickup all of May and June. Since Goodwill in on my way home from my son’s speech and occupational therapy at his school, I pass a Goodwill/secondhand store location regularly. I offered to take the items to Goodwill for the school and they were so grateful. I did have to wash the water bottles first so they were clean and dry for the donation.

It was an efficient trip. It reuses those items. It provides work and experience for those employed at Goodwill, and if any of the items are in poor condition (which they didn’t seem to be) Goodwill will responsibly recycle them. Goodwill recycles textiles which are anything we have made of fabric: clothes, underwear, socks, bras, sheets, towels, stuffed animals, etc.

Is there an errand you can offer to run for a school, work, group, etc. that would be easy for you and helpful for them?

Blessings on you.

My shirt is from local Austin small and black-owned business Black Pearl Books on Burnet Road.

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