HEB Recycles Plastic Bags & Film

HEB, a local grocery store chain, in Texas recycles lots of plastic bags and film. ♻️

1) They must be clean and dry. 💨

2) No receipts, labels, stickers. Cut or pull those off.✂️

The bin is narrow and fills up fast, just a heads up.🎗️

Plastic bags, mailers and film can also be recycled at Central Market, Target, Walmart and the Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center (RRDC) by appointment. Only HEB in Austin takes Amazon padded mailers, the bubble wrap kind, according to ARR.

Check your local area grocery stores and recycling centers for what they accept. 💙

Austin Resource Recovery (ARR), the trash, compost and recycling department at the City of Austin, informed me that there is too much glue in Amazon mailers and the City’s vendors won’t accept them. The clear interior bubble wrap is glued to the white and blue Amazon exterior. This is a good reminder to build up an order to warrant a box, or figure out how to request Amazon only use boxes on your orders, a process I have yet to do.

Product Overwrap Film, the last item on the HEB list, is the wrapping on toilet paper, paper towels, water bottles, diapers, menstrual pads, etc. More accepted examples are at https://how2recycle.info/sdo. ♻️💙

Clean meat and produce bags, mailer pillows (pop them) paper towel overwrap and toilet paper overwrap pictured. Also bread bags, insulin needle bags, and soft plastic bags & film you can poke a finger through can be recycled at a bag recycling drop-off station.

On reuse: I have had no luck with anyone being interested in reusing these for personal or small business reasons. Please let me know if you have luck or tips on getting these successfully reused.

Have a great green week!

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