Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Disposable/Single Use Freezer Bags

They have many names. An image search for the technical name brings up at least the following:

  • Cool Shield Thermal Bubble Mailers
  • Silver Protective Cold Frezon Insulated Box Liners Insulated Foil Bubble Bag
  • Portable Cold Cool Insulation Bag
  • Thermal Disposable Food Delivery Bags

You may receive them using meal-kit delivery like Blue Apron, food delivery, your Amazon Prime Now order or an Instacart order.

According to Austin Resource Recovery, this is a “bubble wrap and a type of metallic plastic that is not compatible with our plastic film.” It’s a composite/mixed material so difficult to recycle.

These go in the trash if you can’t reuse them.

Reuse Suggestions (added 01.23.24)

Several of my neighbors posted reuse suggestions today after a neighbor asked about her Blue Apron freezer bag. I’m sharing these here:

“I have attached 2 PVC pipe to an exterior spigot as additional spigots and insulated it with that black foam tube. This tube insulation has taken a beating from the sun. I would like to wrap it with your silver thermal liner. If you don’t have any use for it I’d like it.”

“I’ve cut them into squares and used them between plates and dishes when moving.”

I think these reuse ideas are super! Please share!

A great website I found while looking for the technical name,, has some super tips on placing a zero waste Instacart order.