Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Disposable/Single Use Freezer Bags

They have many names. An image search for the technical name brings up at least the following:

  • Cool Shield Thermal Bubble Mailers
  • Silver Protective Cold Frezon Insulated Box Liners Insulated Foil Bubble Bag
  • Portable Cold Cool Insulation Bag
  • Thermal Disposable Food Delivery Bags

You may receive them using meal-kit delivery, food delivery, your Amazon Prime Now order or an Instacart order.

According to Austin Resource Recovery, this is a “bubble wrap and a type of metallic plastic that is not compatible with our plastic film.” It’s a composite/mixed material so difficult to recycle.

These go in the trash.

My attempts on our neighborhood Facebook Marketplace Group to find anyone interested in reusing them failed.

A great website I found while looking for the technical name,, has some super tips on placing a zero waste Instacart order.