Face Mask from Long Sleeve

I wanted to share another face mask post. I’m kind of a geek now about making my own masks out of other items. Some people like to shop all the pretty handmade masks, I like the creative challenge of reuse! I already wrote a post on zero waste face masks. Please check the link for more ideas on how to make masks at home.

This mask version uses a pilled long sleeve cotton shirt. Cotton is a good material for scrap collection/textile recycling, cotton is very absorbent and so is good for industrial rags, but this gets a “higher use” as a mask (and pillow cover) first, then it can go to scrap in the future.

I’m excited to share this version with you because 1) it’s a reuse from a long sleeve shirt and 2) because it was reused from a sleeve there are two less seams to sew and all the material is from the one sleeve.

Taking the sleeve from a long sleeve shirt (the body was used as a pillow cover and will be in a separate post) I cut it into the pieces shown here.

I made sure the sleeve dimensions would match those recommended by the pattern I use. I intend to use the extra, the wrist, to bind extension cords or something similar. We’ll see but I think I will have use for it.

Next I sewed the two side seams and pulled the “ties” into their needed form. You just keep tugging and the fabric will roll and stretch out for you.

Using safety pins, I pushed, wiggled, and pulled the ties through each side and then tied them in place.

I wiggle the knot to the bottom so it’s out of the way but I can still access it if I want to adjust the tightness. You can wiggle the knot into the seam if you make it small/tight enough and are patient.

I’m happy with how it turned out. These shirt masks are much more comfortable to me than the pleated-fabric masks I have. Shirts are 100% cotton and don’t itch my sensitive skin like the cotton/polyester blend pleated-fabric masks I have. I do recommend that if the pattern/weave is okay, you flip the shirt inside out if it’s pilled. I can feel the pilling a bit and while it’s not annoying or irritating, the mask would probably be more comfortable and look a teensy bit nicer.

Be safe out there!

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