Digital Gift/Placeholder/Not Shipped

If your present is digital, it hasn’t shipped yet, it’s a placeholder for an experience, etc. creating a card in a box is a fun experience that allows the gift recipient to still participate in a gift opening experience, without having a tangible item necessarily in place. This is a great placeholder if someone is expecting something that was not in stock or has not shipped yet/may be delayed.

This is also helpful for those that need or like a visual reminder of non-tangible gifts they need to use up like meals, experiences, e-things. It is also helpful if having a box/present makes the receipient feel more included or appeals to them more than a card/gift card holder would. Kids enjoy boxes and unwrapping more than opening envelopes.

I used my son’s markers and made this on reused cardstock from an old painting he had done. I reused a gift box and ribbon we keep for each year. If you have a color printer and you want to use all “new” materials that is another option to print. You can print out a receipt for a digital gift card and include it here or maybe put a brochure in the box for the place/experience you have gifted them. If there is a fun item that represents the experience that could be wrapped here instead, e.g. a Lego animal for a zoo visit or a plant or clipping for a botanical garden excursion, maybe a sock for a hike or park, etc.

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