De-fuzzing Fabric


You can shave the pill/bumps of fabric off many items to refresh them. My son wanted us to throw this pillow cover away because it was scratchy from pill pumps but it just needed a good shaving. I’ve also used a fabric shaver on athletic pants, shoes and sweater material.

A fabric shaver is the device in the second picture that is white and turquoise. I recommend a fabric shaver over a razor blade to prevent snags and cutting the fabric. It’s a little harder to find these in sewing aisles at stores like Target, but sewing and fabric stores have them and of course they are online. Mine is from Amazon. There’s more fabric protection with a fabric shaver and it’s easier to control than a razor blade.

I always manage to remember a post after I’ve done the shaving so at some point I will have a video for you all.

Most fabric nowadays, especially everything in these images, is polyester or has some percentage of plastic yarn so throw away your shavings and do not compost them.

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