Cotton Is Not Always Cotton

We received a new set of prescriptions for the dogs this week. Our vet uses a mail service, which is super convenient but comes with padding in the bottles to cushion the tablets.

I want to share a reminder, or a heads up if it’s new to you, that “cotton” is not always cotton and in fact a lot of times is polyester. So check your shirts too if this is a concern or important principle for you.

Possible polyester “cotton” fiber is why in Austin, Texas cotton balls, cotton fluff, cotton swabs, and the like are not allowed in the curbside compost, because the compost vendor cannot be sure that your cotton is in fact cotton that will break down correctly.

This inconvenience is a great opportunity to contact the companies that use this padding material to ask that they use natural materials like cotton, wool, another natural fiber, or a lot of companies are turning towards algae or plant-based material. If everyone returns to using natural products for padding, we don’t have to have exclusions in the curbside composting systems. It’s always good to start a conversation on things that you use everyday, or would consider essential, such as prescriptions. #dontcompostthis #themoreyouknow #writealetter

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