Brownie Bags

I was craving brownies Friday so I bought a mix while I was out.🟫🤎

Not all baking mixes come in the opaque bag that you can rinse, dry and recycle with plastic bags. ♻️ Some mixes come in the silvery bag that goes in the trash.🗑️ You get a feel for the possibility or you learn from others which brands are opaque.

Plastic bags in Austin can be dropped off at many grocery stores and the Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center by appointment.

I bought the version with chips,🍫 not syrup because that syrup bag does have to go in the trash. 🗑️So look at even the “includes”/ “extras” when making choices. Oil, water and eggs all come in easier to recycle or reuse containers/resources. We could get into whether to buy packaged food or not to reduce having to recycle anything in the first place, but I am telling my truth and trying to meet you where you are or need to be.

Remember we don’t all have access to good bulk systems or local or convenient bakeries.💚💙 And sometimes you just need to bake some brownies.🤎😋#brownies#ghirardelli#recycleplasticbags

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