Bread Bags/Plastic Bags

Bread bags 🍞 that are plastic can be recycled ♻️ at a plastic bag drop off station like at your grocery store, Target or Walmart.🛒

Plastic bags and film that you can poke a finger through can be recycled at this stations. That is clear and opaque soft plastic bags and film. Remove any food, liquid, sticky residue and any paper/sticker/labels. More info on this is at How2Recycle.

Make sure you empty the bag of all crumbs and food, and tear out any paper labels. 📄

Throw the paper label away as it’s stuck on plastic film and can’t be recycled that way. Remember that composites, mixes of materials like paper and plastic, or even mixes of plastic types, cannot currently be recycled.

Most curbside programs do not accept plastic bags and film as it jams the sorting machines, so you’ll need to make a trip to a recycling station or center, like Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center.🚗#recycle#recyclemore#extratrip#recycleplasticbags#bread#breadbags

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