Book: What Can I Do? My Path from Climate Justice to Despair by Jane Fonda

I just finished listening to “What Can I Do? My Path from Climate Justice to Despair” by Jane Fonda. This book was in the Social Action category of the United Women in Faith’s 2023 Reading Program. I remember hearing about the first red coat rally since I am a zero waste/tree hugger/green blogger, but I didn’t look much into it at the time. I initially picked this book from the reading program list for two reasons: one it was about climate and two, I was curious what a celebrity would have to say.

I love this book and recommend it to anyone looking into climate justice or starting walks, marches, or civil disobedience! I borrowed it through Libby the app via audiobook using my Austin Public Library card information. Libby is a great app for these Reading Program books that are harder to find used or at the library in hard copy. They’re not necessarily books I’m going to read again, and my church can’t afford to support a reading program so it’s on me as an individual to support my reading plan and personal goals in the five categories: Education for Mission, Leadership Development, Nurturing for Community, Social Action, and Spiritual Growth.

I’m going to find a used copy of What Can I Do? as soon as I can! There’s just so much good stuff here.

  • It’s sectioned off in a helpful way: women, health, the ocean, etc.
  • The fact quotes are great, concise and impactful.
  • Quick, direct, concise actions are listed at the end of each chapter/topic area
  • The diversity of race, gender, age and representation in the voices that spoke and are quotes on topics as subject matter experts that were shared is wonderful.

This book is such a great well-rounded package. I very much recommend that you borrow this from the library and then if you do any kind of activism where you need to site stuff, you probably want to get a copy.

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