Aluminum Foil Sheets & Pans

You can recycle clean aluminum foil.♻️

Check with your local provider for specifics but in Austin, Texas clean aluminum foil can be balled up 2 inches or larger and go in the curbside recycling carts.💙 You can also recycle aluminum baking pans.

Word of caution: Sometimes people think they’re hosting a zero waste event by having breakfast tacos.🌯 If your tacos are going to have cheese and bean, etc. all over the aluminum foil, that aluminum cannot be recycled at the event.🚫 Someone’s going to need to clean all that food off that aluminum foil before it can be dried and balled up to recycle.🪥

Tacos are possible as a zero waste food option at an event, but keep in mind there might be some cleaning that needs to happen. Trays of taco components to assemble would be a better choice than prewrapped tacos. The event hosts can easily rinse off the metal trays after the event and recycle them.🧽 Recycling should not have food contaminant on it. That food residue contaminates the recycling stream, causing either decreased revenue from a dirtier product, and/or causing fines to the city from the recycler.

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